Wisconsin Steam Car Tour

Prairie Du Chien, WI

August 2001

Wednesday's Tour was to Guttenburg, Iowa and back through Cassville, Wisconsin. 82 miles for the days run...in the rain!

Water & Lunch Stop in Guttenburg, Iowa

We were fascinated by the transit of a series of 
barges through the lock

The first set of barges enters the lock

   There is Just 5 feet of clearance between the barges   and the lock


The first 9 barges are tied off and the gates closed

Once the lock is flooded and the barges lifted 8 feet the gates on the opposite side are opened and they are towed out with a winch.
 Once they start moving they move out of the lock by their own momentum which wasstarted by towing them. The process is repeated until all 16 barges and the tugboat pass through the lock.


Three 1917 Stanley's on the Ferryboat across the Mississippi at Cassville, WI

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