Wisconsin Steam Car Tour

Prairie Du Chien, WI

August 2001

Saturday was a special treat. Keith and Ann Valesh invited all of the tour participants that could come to their home just a few miles down the road from the tour headquarters. Keith owns a two-foot gauge coal burning locomotive which is set up to run on a track behind the house. He invited us to take a turn at the throttle of the locomotive 

This is a real man or a woman sized toy...Keith's 1935 Henschel two foot gauge locomotive! Not only does Keith run and fire the locomotive but so do his four daughters.

Keith surveys the situation as he prepares for a run around the track


Dad takes the throttle. Running a real steam locomotive has 
been a dream of his for a long long time.

My turn at the throttle. Being a mechanical engineer was second choice to being a real engineer!

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